A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Loosely based on tale of Robin Hood, the wizards of the world have decided to keep magic spelltomes for themselves. You've decided to infiltrate their library, steal their spell, and escape with it to give the people access to magic once again.

Tome-Foolery is a 3D stealth game!

  • Robinhood-esque, cartoony, low-poly theme
  • Walking and sprinting, no jumping
  • Wander around the library to find and break the spelltome's seal.

Steal the tome, and escape with it!

  • Dodge flamethrowing statues
  • Use stolen spell to escape
  • Hide under furniture to avoid tomekeepers' watch
  • Escape before the library's doors close!

Controls (Best Experienced with a Controller!):

  Movement: Left Stick or WASD

  Sprint: Left Trigger or Left Shift

  Camera: Right Stick or Mouse

  Switching Spells: Bumpers or Q/E

  Cast Spell: Right Trigger or Left Click



Adobe Substance Painter: Door Texture

Gaby B: Sound design, assistance with audio implementation, mixing and mastering, music composition, Tome model, door model, UI art

Collin C: Spell functionality, Player movement and inputs, Interactable objects, Flamethrowing statues, some UI functionality, along with other various scripts.

Dan S: All level design for tutorial and other levels, in-game UI design, menu and prop prototypes, camera fade animations, and particle systems.

Reid H: Camera controller, Entry/Escape state change, Guard AI, scene loading, tutorial text, and other minor scripted content.

Jordan L: All other prop and environment art, character models and animations, VFX, lighting, Unity-Lighting-Compatible Toon shader, purple vertex displacement shader


Tome-Foolery_WIN.zip 241 MB
Tome-Foolery_MAC.zip 251 MB

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