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Rock The House is a top-down, local multiplayer, party game where musical mages compete against one another for the audience’s attention. They must use their musical abilities to knock out their opponents to grace the stage and take advantage of their time to shine.

Choose between the long range violin, the short range saxophone, or the mid ranged guitar and take aim at your adversaries. Each instrument comes with its own unique set of attacks. Perform on stage to please the crowd and gain points to fill your approval meter. Careful though, stay on the stage too long and other players may knock you out, causing you to lose your point progress. Be the first player to win over the audience and become the one to rock the House!


- 4 player local multiplayer

- Character customization

- Match/ruleset customization

- PS4/5 and Xbox controller support

Controls (Best Experienced with Controller):

Move - WASD or Left Stick

Attack 1 - Right Click or Right Trigger

Attack 2 - Left Click or Left Trigger

Perform - Spacebar or Face Button North

Pause - ESC or Start


Daniel Skolnick - Producer, UI/UX and Level Designer

Collin Cole - Gameplay Programmer, and VFX Artist

Drew White - Systems Programmer

Reid Harry - Technical Designer, and VFX Artist

Tom Choi - UI Programmer, and VFX Artist

Dylan Marx - 3D Environment, Material, and VFX Artist

Jacob Dunn - Character Artist, and Animator

Gaby Bendtsen - Sound Designer, and Composer

Additional Help:

Owen Robinson - Saxophonist

MSU Fall 2022 State Singers

Valeta Wensloff - Trailer VO


RockTheHouse_Mac.zip 655 MB

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